Thomas’s Kindergarten is a co-educational nursery for children aged between 2 ½ and 4 ½. Our staff are committed to providing the best possible introduction to learning for all our children to encourage them to develop a positive attitude towards education and life. We promote a safe and nurturing environment enabling children to grow in confidence as individuals and develop an understanding of the need for kindness and respect towards each other. We do this through providing a creative, broad and fun play-based curriculum. The environment aims to foster children’s natural sense of curiosity and independence, and encourages them to become critical, creative thinkers, who embrace challenges through our growth mindset based ethos. 

We recognise that the partnership between school and parents is integral to helping a child reach his or her full potential and therefore it is our vision that each child who attends the Kindergarten joins a community of children, families and teachers engaged in the joy and wonder of childhood. 

‘Imagination is the source of all human achievement’. Sir Ken Robinson


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