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Thomas’s provides a forward-thinking, outward-looking education, based on a strong set of values, for boys and girls in central London aged two to sixteen years old. We offer a world-class, relevant, four-dimensional curriculum. 

Our approach to teaching and learning develops the skills our pupils need to prepare for their futures by developing two critical skills in particular: thinking and questioning. At Thomas’s, we refer to this as Enquiry Mindset.

Our digital strategy ensures that all pupils have access to a mobile device to create, share and invent within and beyond their classroom environment. Pupils from Year 3 onwards are provided with iPad to enhance, rather than replace, traditional resources. 

Our younger learners utilise a shared iPad programme to introduce digital skills.

Effective and meaningful use of iPad across the Enquiry Mindset curriculum has allowed us to take teaching and learning beyond the classroom walls, develop higher-order thinking skills and design and deliver authentic learning experiences.



During the 2017/18 academic year Thomas’s began the deployment of 1:1 staff iPad, followed the next year by 1:1 pupil devices in line with a robust digital strategy. Once the creative power of these tools had begun to be harnessed, and following deeper research, it was evident that our blended learning approach would be an integral part, and an enabler, of our curriculum review. Thomas’s review of the teaching and learning curriculum began in 2019 and brought about the adoption of an Enquiry Mindset curriculum throughout the schools. The use of iPad, Mac and AppleTV has been pivotal to the success of our Enquiry Mindset curriculum.

The digital vision is to see all pupils and teachers using technology to create engaging and innovative materials to support the development of thinking, questioning and applying in an Enquiry Mindset curriculum. Children will become problem solvers by considering the society in which they exist and collaborate to create design-oriented responses to local and global issues.


Thomas’s pupils are encouraged to work using an Enquiry Mindset throughout the curriculum which can be summarised in two actions: thinking and questioning. Thomas’s pupils are empowered to design, explore and apply their learning  using Apple technologies in a way that works for them to showcase their journey and learning.

Our pupils have access to a core suite of apps that allow creative freedom. By using apps such as Clips, Keynote, Pages and iMovie pupils learn to develop their digital skills and develop links through a cross-curricular approach.

Teachers use various apps to introduce pupils to new ideas engaging them in ‘wow’ moments such as using augmented reality software or Clips videos. Live modelling is carried out using a variety of apps that mirror using Apple TV. Teachers use Apple Classroom to monitor, direct and showcase work.

Structured activities are distributed and assessed using Google Classroom, Schoolwork, Seesaw and Showbie. Pupils access their feedback using these platforms and are more actively engaged in their learning.

Pupils with specific needs customise their devices using a range of inbuilt accessibility features, enabling them to succeed throughout the curriculum.

During Covid-19 lockdowns Thomas’s were able to quickly and successfully transition from a blended learning approach to fully remote schooling, due to pupil and staff prior experiences with digital tools. Children continued to have access to a full curriculum with exceptional teacher feedback and strong pastoral support.


Since using Apple devices pupils have been provided new opportunities to collaborate, create, assess and reflect. Thomas’s pupils have become more successful independent learners. 

Thomas’s regularly reflect on all aspects of learning and teaching using robust data,  this informs each school’s improvement and staff development plans. Staff reflect on various enquiry projects and record this in cross-school documents. 

Pupil digital leaders provide feedback to our cross-school digital leadership team assessing how digital learning has been embedded within the curriculum, ensuring that the pupil voice is at the heart of our plans. Pupil surveys demonstrate their engagement with digital tools and how these tools have impacted learning

What's Next

What's Next

As Thomas’s grows and our journey continues, we seek new learning opportunities to develop high standards in teaching and learning. We continue to innovate using digital tools throughout our curriculum, allowing opportunities for collaboration, creativity and increased independence.

Staff and pupils continue to find new, creative ways to use Apple devices to enhance our Enquiry Mindset curriculum and develop higher-order thinking skills. We are excited by the opportunities that software and hardware advancements can offer and are exploring how we can integrate them meaningfully into our practice. We continue to ensure that our pupils leave Thomas’s with a deep love of learning and with developed skills of independent enquiry; to be able to question and think deeply.