Thomas's Kindergarten Admissions

Children can be registered from birth for a place starting in Lower Kindergarten in September or January once they are two and a half years of age.

Children begin in Lower Kindergarten with three mornings a week. The following September the children move up into Upper Kindergarten, with five mornings a week and the option of afternoon clubs (Monday to Thursday, subject to availability). Once the children turn three years old in Lower Kindergarten, there is also potential to increase the number of mornings and to partake in afternoon clubs.

If you would like to book a tour of the Kindergarten, please call (+44) 207 738 0400.

We have two intakes in Lower Kindergarten to ensure an even spread of birth dates: September (Michaelmas Term) and January (Lent Term).

  • Children born between September and March (inclusive) are eligible for the Michaelmas intake.
  • Children born between April and August (inclusive) are eligible for the Lent intake.

Kindergarten Registration

Places are offered based on the date of registration, whilst taking into account; an even spread of birth dates; an even number of boys and girls; and our sibling priority policy. Places are offered approximately a year before the child would be due to start.

Please note, we do not have a new intake in Upper Kindergarten. However you can register for an occasional Upper Kindergarten place, to do so please contact Genevieve Litterick.

Children at Thomas's Kindergarten are not guaranteed an assessment at a Thomas's preparatory school. Separate registration is required; please visit the schools' websites for more details on their Admissions Policy.

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