Thomas’s Kensington prides itself on being an active member of the local community.  Weekly church services are held at the local Christ Church on Victoria Road; built in 1851 as the area (then called Kensington New Town) was developed.  For 40 years the Lower School has hosted the Christ Church Bazaar in support of Christ Church and The Children’s Society, the oldest children’s charity in the UK.  The School also has a close working relationship with The Thomas’s Schools Foundation, an independent charity that works closely with primary aged children in the local community with the fewest resources.

Thomas’s teachers kindly give their time to TSF partner schools providing Latin and drama programmes throughout the year. The school has supported local charities such as the Royal Parks Foundation by giving time to plant English Bluebells, an iconic yet sadly endangered species, in Hyde Park. Our choirs regularly sing in the community at nursing homes and hospitals bringing good cheer and smiles to their audiences.


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