At Thomas’s Kensington Ballet forms part of the curriculum in Reception and Years 1 & 2 and it is a very popular extra-curricular activity from Years 1 - 6.  

Through dance, children not only learn the benefits of exercise, but they learn co-ordination, balance, flexibility, stability, memory and spatial awareness. Our aim is to nurture and inspire every pupils desire to dance whilst developing physical and mental confidence. Through weekly structured classes we hope to engage the artistic process of creating, performing and critical analysis.

All our classes are accompanied by a live pianist promoting pupils’ musicality and appreciation of live classical music.

In Reception, movement plays an essential part in the development of young children. We focus on developing fundamental motor skills and spatial awareness with a strong emphasis on imagination and expression through movement.

In Years 1 & 2 this knowledge is built on and pupils are introduced to a broad practical dance education developing technical, musical and performance skills.

All teaching is based on syllabi designed by The Royal Academy of Dance, one of the world's most influential dance education organisations.

We hope that all children will enjoy the subject both as a participant and, in the long term, as an observer.

All pupils from Years 1-6 are invited to attend Extra Ballet (See ‘The Arts’ for extra-curricular Ballet) where they will have the opportunity to take annual Royal Academy of Dance examinations, be part of end of year recitals and perform in biennial productions.

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