Latin is studied by all Years 5 & 6 pupils at Thomas’s Kensington as they learn to develop their skills of creative problem solving and lateral thinking. Teaching involves a rigorous approach to grammar, making links to English and other modern Romance languages which broaden pupils’ literacy skills and vocabulary, balanced with use of modern technology, song, art and drama. Pupils are encouraged to explore the classical world and Roman Britain to better understand and appreciate their impact on the arts, literature and politics today.
Additionally, we have an established partnership which is awarded funding by the Department for Education with a local state primary school to teach Latin to a group of their brightest Year 5 pupils. Where possible, activities are joined across these communities, such as the Greek mythology drama workshop on Community Day, to the benefit and overwhelmingly positive feedback from both children and staff. Such cross-curricular activities and trips are an integral and highly enjoyed part of the syllabus here.

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