At Thomas’s Kensington we strive to provide our children with the key building blocks for a lifetime of enjoyment of the English language. We take enormous pride in developing the key areas of reading, writing and oral expression through a lively and varied creative curriculum. Our dedicated team of teachers monitors each child within a caring, nurturing and challenging environment. 

We aim to ensure that pupils:
  • Develop a love of reading. We ensure that children are exposed to a range of writing styles and texts. We have many school events which celebrate the love of books, during which a wide range of authors are explored and discussed - not only in class, but also in our numerous book clubs. Authors are frequently invited into the school to share techniques and writing experiences. 
  • Acquire an understanding of syntax, grammar and spelling via a range of stimulating and bespoke approaches, tailored to the needs of each child. The understanding of spelling, grammar and punctuation is embedded into our curriculum.
  • Become highly competent and expressive writers. The children at Thomas’s Kensington are encouraged to write for a variety of purposes and audiences, using a range of figurative techniques, powerful vocabulary and accurate syntax. We believe in offering exciting catalysts for writing, based around thoughtful discussion and first-hand experiences, such as trips to galleries, museums, or outdoor adventure trips such as Daheim and PGL. The writing of our children should show a degree of empathy towards the world around them, coupled with an appreciation of the world of literature.
  • Become confident and thoughtful speakers within a range of contexts. Children are given many opportunities to express ideas and to talk in front of an audience. We place emphasis on expression, clarity and depth of thought. Many events such as poetry recitals, class performances and debates offer a platform for oral expression.  The school has a state of the art theatre which is used for performances. 
  • Listen to others. Empathy and an appreciation of another person’s point of view underpins much of our work in literacy.  We encourage the children to look beyond the school community in order to gain an understanding of the lives and feelings of others. Literature is often used as a catalyst for discussion and the promotion of listening skills, within a social context. 
  • Gain an awareness of the heritage of English literature. The curriculum is designed to include classic texts. Children are exposed to Shakespeare as well as a broad spectrum of English poets and writers. 
  • Use technology when reading and writing. We provide the children with access to iPads, computer suites and two 4D immersive classrooms in order to support and enhance learning. The children have access to the most current applications for creating books and making short films. Technology is embedded in daily learning. 

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