Pastoral Care

There is one important rule at Thomas’s Kensington, and that is to ‘be kind’. This ethos is at the very heart of our community and we place particular emphasis on courtesy, care for others, good manners and self-discipline. The Deputy Head (Pastoral) is Mr Costello and he oversees pastoral care across the school. 

At Thomas’s Kensington, the happiness, welfare, safety and wellbeing of our pupils is of the utmost importance. We strongly believe that a child who feels, safe, valued and happy in school will reach their full potential. Pastoral care is woven into the fabric of every subject, every activity and every day and is the combined effort of pupils, staff and parents. Communication ensures a safe, happy and positive learning environment for all. We encourage a strong partnership between parents and staff, who are accessible at all times. The class teachers develop strong bonds with their pupils and will usually be the first person to deal with any concerns. Parents are encouraged to contact staff if there is a concern about their child no matter how big or small.   All staff are contactable by the student diary or email and there is a strong culture of teachers and parents working together to ensure pupils welfare. 

Thomas’s is a school which fosters a happy supportive and moral environment, and promotes self-confidence and self-esteem. The personal development of our pupils is strong and the moral and social development of our pupils excellent, with outstanding pastoral care.  Each child is truly treated as an individual and is known by every member of staff. Spiritual development is nurtured through regular Church Services and assemblies and our aim is to engender a strong moral code through our ethos and curriculum.

At Thomas’s, we understand the pressures on today’s children and that their wellbeing is extremely important. A Mindfulness course for parents is available and the majority of the staff have also completed and practise the Mindfulness course.  A school counsellor is also available one morning a week for children, staff and parents and the Headmistress is herself a trained school counselor.

Parents take an active part in their child’s development, and we work together to prepare our children for the challenges and opportunities of school life and beyond.  At Thomas’s there are many occasions for all the family to be involved, such as contributing to our annual Community Day or Nepal Day.  There is a strong charitable ethos across all four schools.

Within the school, we foster many opportunities for pupils to take on roles of responsibility. For example, our Student Council meets once a term; we have class elected form and vice-captains and monitors for road safety, environmental awareness, online safety and charity monitors.  'Be Kind Monitors' in the Lower School help to celebrate acts of kindness. The pupils themselves form an active Anti-Bullying Committee in the Prep School and there is much discussion in assemblies and class time about the school’s Anti-Bullying policy, with children learning from an early age that 'It is right to tell' and to ask for help from a member of staff if they are unhappy.

Thomas’s Kensington is a morally aware community in which everyone matters and where mutual support and respect for doing the right thing are expected. There is a strong ethos of care, community and personal responsibility, together with happy and respectful relationships.

Thomas's London Day Schools fully recognise their responsibilities for Safeguarding and Child Protection. 

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