Online Safety

Online Safety is taught as an integral part of the curriculum at Thomas’s Kensington. It is taught in lessons as part of our PSHCE and Computing curriculum and is referred to in many other lessons throughout all subject areas. We teach pupils how be safe, responsible and respectful citizens online, as well as the benefits and risks involved with using technology.

Pupils who show an enthusiasm and aptitude for Computing have the opportunity to become Digital Unicorns. They assist the teaching staff to disseminate important information regarding online safety and provide feedback to staff about the latest developments in technology.

Parents are invited to join the Online Safety Committee, which meet regularly, in order to help educate the wider school community about online safety issues.

This committee consists of:

  • Online Safety trained member from the Senior Leadership Team
  • Head of Computing
  • Three parents from across the school community

At Thomas’s Kensington, we believe our rule Be Kind applies to both real life and online contexts.

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