Living our school values in the local community and wider world are focal aspects of school life and we aim to be good neighbours.

Each term we actively seek new opportunities and ways of linking to the wider community. A designated representative on the PTA supports the links and partnerships that have developed with e.g. local schools, St Dionis Church, Friends of South Park, Mary’s Living and Giving and Age UK. 

We have a particularly close link with Thomas's Academy, SW6. To date this has included: a Latin teaching outreach project; staff professional development opportunities; pupil swaps on Community Days and linked curriculum activities. 

We hold Community Day each year, for Years 5 & 6, when the children go out into the local community and devote time to a variety of organisations including local primary schools, nurseries, charity shops, South Park and Age UK.

‘A highly memorable day. Everyone here is looking forward to …yet another chance to meet the children of, in my humble opinion, the BEST school in London’
 Age UK

Through the PTA and the Thomas’s Schools Foundation, a wide programme of parent reading support and community arts, sports and academic activities reach a very large number of local children. 

The CAIRN Trust, which is a charity set up by our founders Mr and Mrs Thomas, gives a focus to our world-wide work through the provision of schools, teacher training and libraries to children in Nepal and significant charity awareness work with our pupils in school.

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