Extra Drama

There are a range of additional Drama opportunities for pupils who have a particular passion for the subject. 


This club takes place in small groups, and is available to pupils from Year 4 - Year 6. The main focus is on developing pupils' acting skills, specifically when working with scripts. Pupils prepare for LAMDA acting examinations at the end of each term: the children usually enter for Entry Level up to Grade 2, depending on ability. During lessons, children explore different texts for performance, approaches to bringing a scene to life, as well as improvisations.

In the academic year 2018 -19, 79 of our pupils took a LAMDA exam, with 93% achieving a Distinction.

Thomas's Players

This is an after-school club for Years 5 & 6 pupils. Pupils work together as a company to develop their imagination, creativity, community and theatre skills. In the first term, the children take part in the Thomas' Players community project. Working alongside residents of a local old people’s home, the children devise and develop a performance inspired by the residents they meet. In the second term the children develop storytelling techniques through improvisations and games. This club is particularly suitable for pupils who enjoy making theatre with others, and are keen to develop their creativity.

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