Extra Art/DT

There are many opportunities for pupils to access extra art and design during the week. Prep School children can attend Open Studio at lunch times where they can work independently to finish work from their lessons or work on an individual project. 
A lunchtime group also gathers for extra tuition in sketching and drawing. This is held for pupils in Years 4, 5 & 6 who display extra enthusiasm or aptitude for art and design and for those who are applying for scholarships when they leave Thomas's Fulham.
After school clubs:
Woodwork is available to pupils in Years 4, 5 & 6. The club aims to teach the basics of woodwork and how to handle the different tools safely. Children then plan their own designs and create wonderful inventions inspired by anything from paddle boats to marble runs, clocks and bird houses.
Sew much fun is open to Years 1 - 6 and pupils enjoy learning the first skills of threading a needle up to setting up and using the sewing machines. They have made cushions, puppets, backgammon travel sets and clothes, to name a few!
Art Attack  is a Lower School club where children enjoy exploring a wide range of mediums while putting their individual stamp on the projects they create.
Pottery is a bustling hive of activity with children from Year 1 up to Year 6 helping each other to make a range of ceramic creations. They learn all of the basic skills about how to handle clay as well as the science behind the changing state of clay and glazes in the kiln. While some projects are instructed, children also have free style sessions to make up their own sculptures.
Create is a unique club attended by children from Years 3 - 6.  It is an opportunity for pupils to spend an hour and a half in the art studio, independently creating their own masterpieces with any of the materials that they would like to try. While some children are building box robots at one end of the room, another will be sewing on a machine while others splat paint on canvases.
Children are encouraged to make art for several projects and competitions throughout the year as well. Each year, children enter the Young Art Cancer Research Competition with the lucky winners having their art exhibited at the Royal College of Art.
Our Home Gallery encourages children to create outside school as well - they bring their creations to school to share their discoveries, display work and help encourage and inspire others.

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