Outdoor Education


Thomas’s has always believed in the benefits of learning beyond the classroom and we recognise that outdoor education offers children unique opportunities and experiences that cannot be taught within the constraints of their everyday education and surroundings. In response to changing times and different pressures on children, Outdoor Learning has been a part of our regular timetable since 2016. We have a clear vision for outdoor education provision at Thomas’s:

  • All children of all ages participate in a range of outdoor learning experiences throughout their school career
  • We provide pupils with regular, frequent, challenging, enjoyable and safe opportunities to learn outdoors
  • Outdoor learning has a positive impact on the individuals involved thus making Thomas’s a happier and stronger community

We have highlighted five key areas that will be developed in the curriculum. These five skills, along with the Thomas’s values, will equip the pupils with the life skills of critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity, enquiry and reflection. We believe these skills are tools our pupils will need to succeed socially, economically and environmentally in the ever-changing 21st Century.

  • Personal and emotional development
  • Group development
  • Organising, Planning and Risk Management skills
  • Nature Pedagogy
  • Physical literacy

We are able to offer our children this opportunity due to two key factors.  The first is that our outdoor curriculum is delivered in conjunction with the Exploration Society. Our strong relationship with the Exploration Society has developed and grown based on shared values.

The second is Thomas’s Daheim, our home in the mountains in Austria, which is now at the centre of our Outdoor Education programme. Daheim means ‘At Home’ and it truly feels just that. It provides and exceptional shared experience in the mountain environment.

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