Music plays a central role in the life of Thomas's Fulham, both in and out of the classroom. An extensive range of opportunities are provided in the arts within the curriculum and in the co-curricular activity. Central to the work of everyone in the Music Department is a desire to encourage pupils to give of their best at whatever level they can achieve. Refer to The Arts Pages.

A great deal of care, planning and resources are put into the curricular music courses. All pupils from Reception to Year 5 have two class music lessons a week and one session weekly for Year 6.
All music courses and activities aim to produce pupils who can (at their appropriate level):

  • control sounds made by the voice and a range of tuned and untuned instruments
    perform on their own and with others, and develop awareness of audience, venue and occasion
  • compose and improvise in response to a variety of stimuli, and explore a range of resources
  • communicate musical ideas to others
  • listen to, and develop understanding of, music from different times, places, styles and traditions, relating them to the context in which the music was created
  • respond to, and evaluate live performances and recorded music, including their own and others' compositions and performances using appropriate musical vocabulary

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