Our library is a vibrant space where we hope to nurture a love of books and reading within all children who pass through. We have welcomed a broad selection of visiting poets, authors and illustrators in recent years. Examples of the work of the latter hang on our walls, with the aim to inspire. The library is a place to discuss, share and promote many styles of literature, enouraging children to expand their knowledge. There is also ample time to quietly enjoy a book curled up on a comfy beanbag! Children can of course borrow books to take home, share and delight in.

'It's magnificent, quiet and beautiful, with lots of decorations.' - Year 2 pupil

'There are really comfy cushions we can snuggle down in.' - Year 2 pupil

'The library is an amazing place and it lets you relax. We have many fabulous books to choose from. All of the school's pupils love the library.' - Year 6 pupil

'The library is by far my favourite place in the school because it is so calm, peaceful and there are so many books to choose from.' -  Year 6 pupil

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