Learning 4 Life

Learning for Life is a bespoke programme of study designed to equip our pupils with the skills they need to thrive as individuals, family members and global citizens, whilst preparing them to navigate an increasingly complex, competitive and connected world. The curriculum is regularly updated to ensure it is reflective of the needs of both the school community and the wider world.

Every class, from Reception to Year 6, has a weekly or bi-weekly Learning for Life lesson covering three areas: Positive Relationships with Self and Others, Physical Health and Global Citizens. As well as discrete Learning for Life lessons, children in Years 4-6 enjoy Mindfulness sessions, First Aid training and Careers Talks.

Learning for Life lessons are child-centred, thought-provoking and relevant. There is a strong emphasis on pupil voice as we encourage our pupils to share their ideas, opinions and experiences whilst listening to and respecting the views of others.

The curriculum also encompasses our 10 school values: kindness and courtesy, honesty and respect, leadership and confidence, givers not takers and humility, independence and perseverance. These values represent what is important to us and the people we hope our pupils become, whilst dovetailing with the values of wider society. They are clearly understood and encouraged by every member of the school community.

A particular highlight within the Learning for Life calendar is the school’s termly ‘Be Extra Kind Day.’ This provides an opportunity to reinforce our school rule, ‘Be Kind,’ while also giving pupils the chance to develop relationships with their peers. Community Day is another highlight for pupils in Years 5 and 6 as they seek to build links with the local community and live our school values in the wider world.

Through Learning for Life, we aim to support wellbeing, build character and teach life skills, in a hope of preparing our pupils for tomorrow’s world.


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