Whilst you read through the pages listed below, you will gain an increasing insight into Thomas’s Fulham’s strong and committed approach to the broad and balanced curriculum we provide. Each of the co-curricular subjects play a significant role in every pupil’s programme, allowing pupils to find alternative avenues of interest to explore and enjoy.


We strongly believe that the Arts and PE are essential components to an all round and healthy education. Thomas’s Fulham recognises that success can be found beyond the boundaries of academic subjects and our specialist staff are dedicated and passionate in finding a field which all pupils thoroughly relish and in which they can thrive and excel. The opportunities to experience a range of rich and dynamic co-curricular subjects not only helps build self-confidence but also encourages pupils to make informed decisions, implementing the school’s Learning Habits to help shape and prepare our pupils for the future.


'The school offers an extensive range of subjects which ensures that pupils have a broad and balanced experience. There is a careful balance between academic, sporting and creative opportunities that ensure exceptional development of pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness.' - Ofsted Report November 2014


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