Science is taught by class teachers from Reception to Year 3 as part of their Enquiry themes. Specialist teachers teach Year 4 to Year 6 in two fully-equipped and purpose-built laboratories. Children naturally have many questions about both the world they live in and beyond. We aim to provide them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to answer these questions. A range of quality resources, including digital technology is used to deepen their learning experience and we believe that investigations are the driving force behind the teaching and learning of science.

We embrace the children’s excitement by giving them opportunities to explore their surroundings and to understand what they see. Scientific enquiry skills are embedded within each unit with the aim of helping children to answer open questions and to encourage them to pose themselves. Children will develop the skills of hypothesising, planning, designing, observing, recording, classifying, grouping  and, concluding from evidence.

Our curriculum provides many opportunities for cross-curricular links by, for example, encouraging children to apply their mathematical knowledge to their understanding of science by presenting and analysing data.

‘Science is one of my favourite subjects. ‘Messy digestion was so gross, but so cool - I learnt a lot.’ - Former Year 4 pupil 

‘I love carrying out investigations and working as part of a team.’ - Former Year 6 pupil,

'I think Science was my favourite subject. I enjoyed every aspect of it, especially the experiments and discovering new things that I didn’t know before.’ - former Year 6 Pupil

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