Latin is a thriving subject for all pupils in Years 5 and 6. We aim to combine discipline and a strong foundation in the language with a desire to encourage pupils to explore and investigate the historical heritage of the classical world. 

Year 5 begin their journey into Latin by learning about the Roman Empire and the legacy the Romans have had on our everyday life, combined with a foundation in the language and grammar from the level 1 Common Entrance curriculum. We cover the full range of Common Entrance vocabulary and learn how to conjugate all the verbs in the present tense. Learning is consolidated through songs, games, Greek mythology, and classical civilisation.  Daily Roman life and entertainment, gladiatorial games, and story translations from Latin to English all unite to bring the language alive and immerse pupils in the world of Ancient Rome and beyond.

Year 6 build on the foundations they have gained in Year 5 by moving on to more detailed and longer stories, and tackle a variety of reading comprehensions and translations from Latin to English using the present tense.  We also find out how to use noun conjugations. They learn about Roman houses, daily life in Pompeii, and slavery in Ancient Rome. Year 6 continue to extend their knowledge of Latin and the Classical world through stories, games, digital learning and music, and each class performs their own play in Latin.

“My son loves Latin and always tells me interesting facts…he likes the way it relates to other subjects.”  Year 6 Parent Feedback, November 2018.

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