We aim to cultivate a passion for history that pupils will carry with them throughout their lives.  It is essential that children, from the earliest age, learn history in order to become informed and enlightened citizens. Its natural fascination as a series of 'stories', often highly dramatic, recommends it as a subject for even the youngest pupils, while the sheer breadth of its subject matter, embracing a vast spectrum of social, political, economic and cultural aspects, provides a whole raft of valuable skills.

Digital learning plays a key role in the research aspect of this subject in both the Lower School and Prep School whilst simultaneously encouraging and promoting creativity in their presentations of work.

A wide variety of historical eras, from the Ancient Egyptians to World War Two feature within our curriculum. Every year group experiences a plethora of school trips and excursions, as well as relevant talks and workshops, in order to add depth to their understanding. History is accessible across the whole curriculum and links are often made, particularly at anniversaries and special events, such as Remembrance Day.

The Lower School uses enquiry investigations, which endeavour to teach embedded history within the current topics. Children are taught research skills that enable them to discover historical information independently and collaboratively, both in and out of school.

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