At Thomas's Fulham our ambition is to develop enquiring minds and a life-long love of learning. We accomplish this through enthusiastic, creative and inspiring teaching, whilst always seeking to challenge and stimulate pupils at every opportunity.

'Outstanding teaching enables pupils to make exceptional progress. Teachers have high expectations of what pupils can achieve and challenge pupils by setting ambitious targets. In turn, pupils happily rise to challenges and try their best.' - Ofsted Report November 2014

Our broad and balanced curriculum creates a nurturing, vibrant and happy learning environment, encouraging pupils to be inquisitive and forward thinking. We have excellent resources throughout the school, including specialist rooms and appropriate technology to support our spirited delivery of the curriculum. Whilst the curriculum equips our pupils with the necessary and essential skills for future life it also prepares them for the demands of senior school entrance examinations.

Our son ‘has had an outstanding education at Thomas's Fulham and I am very sad that our journey has ended. He has been given an excellent base from which to build upon when he moves to his new school.' - Year 6 Parent Leavers’ Survey Summer

The approach to learning at Thomas’s Fulham embeds and practises essential skills that will best equip children to continue their 21st century education. Across our broad curriculum, we encourage children to develop strong learning habits, which include: thinking, questioning, linking and resilience. These skills are incorporated into our daily teaching and learning so that every pupil can learn and understand how to learn and embed them into every aspect of their curriculum. Pupils are encouraged to take ownership of their strengths and areas for development. As a result, children become independent and confident young learners ready to embrace challenges presented from all corners of the curriculum.  


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