Head's Welcome

Thomas’s Clapham is an exciting place; a modern and forward looking school where a respect for traditional values and a love of learning make it a happy and nurturing community. We want the children to be kind to one another, to be busy, and to feel valued as individuals. We want them to be the best they can because of our collective commitment to creating a flourishing environment which encourages an innovative, inclusive and inspiring approach to learning, living and leading. 

We are conscious that we are laying firm foundations for a lifetime of learning, and for a rapidly changing world beyond. The academic achievements of our children are second to none. But in preparing the children for their lives in the 21st Century, a Thomas’s Clapham education invests in every individual a breadth of intellectual, philosophical, creative, and physical challenge. This means a wide academic curriculum, and an astonishing programme of music, drama, dance, art and sport, and countless opportunities to travel, explore and understand better the wider community. 

Children at Thomas’s Clapham share a common purpose, and way of being. They are creative, kind, intelligent, generous and determined, and above all they know that we care about them. 

Welcome to our wonderful school!

Phil Ward, Headmaster

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