Our Aims and Values highlight our commitment to social responsibility and a culture of respect, humility and of being givers not takers. 

Every year all pupils support either a charity chosen in conjunction with the PTA or one of our two permanent charities, Thomas’s Schools Foundation and The CAIRN Trust (Child Aid in Rural Nepal). They support the chosen charities through fundraising activities and, where possible, hands-on involvement.

Many of our Year 8 pupils sit on our Charity committee, which works throughout the year with teachers and the PTA on ways to educate children about our charity and to raise much needed awareness and funds. We believe at the pupil level, charity is about education first, providing an awareness of the world they live in and how they, as individuals and groups, can make a difference, however small. 

The PTA, parent body, staff and pupils are enthusiastic supporters of this aspect of the school and we all benefit from the opportunities available to engage with our community near and far.

This year, we will be supporting the Thomas's Schools Foundation as part of our SOCIAL Time programme. The core philosophy underpinning SOCIAL Time is to instill in every child a lifelong commitment to investing in their local and wider community, and we are delighted to be able to do this through our relationship with four local schools. Each school House will be partnered with a school and will work with the children and teachers throughout the year to collaborate on projects, run shared events and workshops and learn from each other. 

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