Inspiring Living

Inspiring Living seeks to develop a culture of well-being so that we live positive and healthy lives both at school and beyond. It embodies our commitment to Values Education, recognises that every child, and adult, matters, and underpins the aspirations of A Better Clapham Way.

While behaviour and attitudes in everything we do, and the way we are, would seek to model a positive and inspiring approach to living, a culture of well-being is reinforced in time allocated in the curriculum by a bespoke Inspiring Living programme which has been developed specifically for the children at Thomas’s Clapham which ensures that it is relevant and meaningful. We believe that inspiring every child will establish a culture of excellence at every level, supporting and enriching every child to be the best they can be by developing a positive approach to Inspiring Living.

Our Inspiring Living curriculum has several inter-linked elements, based on the following six pillars:

1. Relationships
2. Emotional Health
3. Staying Safe
4. Enjoy and Achieve
5. Being Healthy
6. Positive Contribution

Inspiring Living is taught first thing on a Tuesday morning across the whole school, and is then followed by our Church Service at St Luke’s which encourages further reflection.
Teaching Inspiring Living ensures we have emotionally literate, reflective children who feel empowered to stop, think and do, and learn to make good choices in the process.

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