Inspiring Leading

Inspiring Leading is a part of our culture at school and an active way of behaving which enables every pupil and every adult within our community to aspire to, and become, their best selves.
Inspiring Leading is modelled in the pupils’ behaviour which encourages and develops leadership qualities in the children. It enables them to aspire to the highest standards, and to motivate others to do the same, giving children an increasing range of opportunities to explore and develop their own leadership qualities. It provides the training and development required (e.g. prefect training and outdoor education), and celebrates their leadership successes and efforts, so that the children feel, and are perceived, as valued members of their community at Thomas’s Clapham and beyond.
Inspiring Leading encourages us all to model human excellence and to lead with a strong moral purpose. It promotes and embeds the virtues of a positive mindset, and all that this means in terms of optimism, specific praise, and rewarding positive behaviour. Inspiring Leading is at the heart of outstanding teaching and learning and generates positive relationships everywhere in the school community. Inspiring Leading provides a clear vision and high expectations, engages the whole community, leads to the building of highly effective teams, and encourages an environment where pupils and teachers alike explore new and innovative leadership opportunities, working together in a collegiate, collaborative and trusting way.
Our ambition is that the community will flourish because the children and the adults aspire to be the best they can because they feel empowered to accept responsibility for making the school an even better place. In practice this can be achieved in so many different ways, for instance, Year 2 children who act as Fair Play monitors in their high visibility jackets during Lower School break times; Year 4 children who lead small teas during their Young Explorers outdoor learning tasks on Wimbledon Common; representatives from each class in the school who form our School Council, ABC and Green Unicorns; or as Year 8 pupils at the top of the school playing a key role in leading their school as Heads of School, School Prefects, Middle or Lower School Prefects, as team captains, and in many other roles besides.
Inspiring Leading recognises that every child and every adult has a part to play in shaping our school community, in ways which leave the community, and themselves, stronger and more enriched so that potential is fully unleashed.

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