Physical Education

The PE Curriculum offers a generous provision of both time, staff and resources. We believe in a fully inclusive approach in which all children progress at their own optimum pace and achieve their potential with confidence and enthusiasm.
All year groups from Reception to Year 8 are taught in all disciplines by specialist PE staff.  Gymnastics, swimming , athletics, team games, health related fitness, cross country running, tennis and dance are on offer.
We take advantage of a number of sports venues to ensure that children get the best experience in all aspects of PE.
There is a full programme of fixtures, competitions and tournaments with opportunities for all to be involved.  Being one of a group of four schools allows for healthy interschools competition which the children relish.  We have a strong record in matches against other local schools and regularly excel in regional or national competitions.
Whatever the skill level or ability, our aim is for all children to enjoy PE, to understand the importance of exercises and to strive to be the best they can.

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