DT is taught by a specialist teacher in a purpose built workshop including CAD/CAM facilities for laser cutting and 3D printing. The focus is on learning to make products and solving real problems during the process. Children will learn to take risks while becoming resourceful, innovative and enterprising citizens. Helping them to understand that very important learning takes place during the process of problem solving is key. 

Children are given the opportunity to combine engineering, mathematics, science and computing through experiences with a broad range of materials and techniques. They will be encouraged to talk about their designs, draw them and make prototypes where appropriate. In addition to learning about the properties of materials, mechanics and electronics they will prepare and cook food while applying principles of a balanced diet. Collaborative activities are a regular occurrence; providing prospects for children to share ideas and build on important relationships whilst supporting our values based education. 

Overall aims of the DT Department:

• Children should enjoy their time in the department.
• There will be opportunities to explore and experiment.
• They will learn practical solutions to real life problems.
• Personal response will be encouraged and celebrated.
• Children will learn to use a range of tools, techniques and materials including experiences in technology and with food. 
• Children will learn to work collaboratively gaining practical skills that can be referred to and built on.
• They will begin to know how to record process.
• Children will learn about environmental impact and sustainability.
• STEAM based approach.
• Extra curricular opportunities through after school clubs.

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