Art is taught by specialist teachers who fully understand strategies for promoting confidence in Art, Craft and Design. The focus is on celebrating personal responses - we work towards each and every child leaving Thomas’s understanding that this subject is a source of pleasure and enjoyment for life and that everyone has a valuable contribution to it. Helping children to understand that very important learning takes place during the process of art-making is key.

Children are given opportunity to investigate a broad range of materials, techniques and artists during their explorations; including the use of technology. Drawing is taught through focussed sessions, laced with plenty of purposeful praise and woven into fun, expressive activities in order to 'level the playing field' for children who may find drawing difficult. Collaborative art-making is a regular occurrence. It provides prospects for children to share ideas and build on important relationships whilst supporting our values based education. 

Overall Aims of the Art Department:

Children should enjoy their time in the department. 
There will be opportunities to explore and experiment.
Personal artistic response will be encouraged and celebrated.
Children will learn to use a range of tools, techniques and materials including experiences in technology and 3D. 
Children will learn to work collaboratively to make art gaining practical skills that can be referred to and built on.
They will know how to create work in the style of other artists and to respond to a range of stimuli.
They will begin to know how to record process.
Extra curricular opportunities through after school clubs and regular outdoor art-making sessions during break.

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