History is a fascinating record of human experience showing us how the past has shaped the present. We believe that this common inheritance is a vital subject of learning and enquiry, if only to understand how the modern world has evolved. 

"Without a knowledge of its history, no society can lay claim to the collective memory that makes up its unique identity."

We think it essential that children, from the earliest age, learn History in order to become informed citizens of a parliamentary democracy such as Britain’s, but also to develop a mature view on the wider world beyond. Its natural fascination as a series of ‘stories’, often highly dramatic, recommends it as a subject for even the youngest pupils, while the sheer breadth of its subject matter, embracing a vast spectrum of social, political, economic and cultural aspects, provides a whole raft of valuable cross-curricular and PSHCE links.

Historical skills such as evidence gathering, interpretation, analysis, persuasive argument, and cogent writing enhance literacy and critical thinking, thus preparing children to meet the complex challenges of the modern world.

At this level History should above all be fun and engaging, for we aim to cultivate a love for the subject that will carry through into the children’s senior schools and beyond.

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