Geography is a brilliant and exciting subject. It is concerned with inspiring children in the study of Earth’s landscapes, peoples, places and environments. It is, quite simply, about understanding the world in which we live on a global to a local scale.

Geography is an essential component in preparing young people for life in the twenty-first century. It is concerned with the interaction between people and places. Indeed, as the pace of change quickens, communications become faster, and challenges to the environment multiply, a knowledge and understanding of Geography is more vital than ever. It teaches us skills such as data handling, numeracy, literacy, problem-solving, collaboration, analysis, research, decision making, creativity and ICT, which prepares us for adult life. Geography is all around us, it is relevant and we find that children are curious about it; it deals with important global issues such as the environment, development and sustainability. 

Geography gives us a view of the world that changes as our knowledge and thinking changes. Above all, Geography is fun! 

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