From the first few basic words hesitantly traced onto plain paper through to coherent and insightful essays about the themes of "Lord of the Flies", the literacy journey each child takes at Thomas's Clapham is inspiring and exciting.
The study of English is central to education at Thomas's throughout the children's time with us. The reading, writing, speaking and listening skills they learn in these lessons will allow them to access all their other subjects, not to mention everything else they may encounter! This is why our school has a whole school literacy policy - we believe that every teacher is a teacher of English.
Whilst covering a vast curriculum and ensuring pupils are challenged in order to make rapid progress, all our teachers of English and Literacy strive to engage the children in collaborative learning: pupils leave our lessons buzzing with enjoyment. Our goal is to produce confident communicators and independent, conscientious learners who craft impressive pieces of creative writing and are able to glean imaginative insights from a variety of literary texts.

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