“Those who can imagine anything, can create the impossible.”
― Alan Turing

Computing is valued as an essential part of the broad and balanced curriculum offered to pupils at Thomas’s Clapham. The Computing units of work comprise a range of Computer Science (as well as Computational Thinking), Information Technology and Digital Literacy, including online safety, which prepares pupils effectively for an increasingly technological future. The curriculum is updated yearly to adapt to current developments in the world of technology, and to ensure that online safety units are age appropriate and focus on relevant apps and websites or current risks children face. In addition to annual online safety units, all pupils learn about algorithms, web design and programming, game design, 3D modelling and animation, do lots of creative projects with video, music and digital art, learn how computers and the Internet works, and much more!

The National Curriculum attainment targets and programmes of study are followed for KS1 - KS3, and there is frequently scope to go above and beyond the National Curriculum. Computing is taught once a week to form groups from Reception to Year 8 by subject specialists. Pupils are given many opportunities to develop their skills and interest in technology outside of lessons. Computing clubs are well attended and children often use technology at home to create various digital media or code games and animations in Scratch or Python. 

Children in Years 3 - 6 learn and reinforce the vital skill of touch typing. They are also given the opportunity to represent their area of the school by being a Digital Prefect (Year 8) or Digital Leader (Years 1 - 7). This gives children many points of contact to share ideas or concerns about technology and online safety, be positive digital citizens and role models to their peers, as well as invaluable helpers to their teachers.

Topics covered in Computing are also integrated where possible with other curriculum areas and are planned in conjunction with classroom teachers or subject leaders. Because technology is constantly changing and evolving, our curriculum, software and resources are regularly updated to meet the demands of a dynamic and exciting technological world.

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