Online Safety

At Thomas's Clapham, we want our pupils to be creative, innovative and responsible users of technology. Online Safety is taught as part of Computing and Inspiring Living, but is regularly explored as part of children's learning across the curriculum. 

At the start of the year, all pupils complete an Online Safety Survey, which is used to plan an appropriate and relevant curriculum based on the websites, games and apps children use most often. 

In the Upper School, pupils explore Online Safety issues which are of particular relevance or interest to them in a Technology and Our Health enquiry-based unit. Recent projects investigated the effects of gaming on behaviour, the effects of blue light from mobile phones and the health benefits of wearable technologies and fitness trackers.

Children have many opportunities for leadership, and we have a team of Digital Leaders in every year group, as well as Digital Prefects in Year 8. The Digital Prefects join staff on visits to conferences, advise on new technologies and social media, and are a key part of the Digital Living Committee, which meets each term. Digital Leaders and Digital Prefects are also involved in planning Online Safety activities, such as for Safer Internet Day, which we take part in every year.

We provide a range of opportunities to educate our whole school community about Online Safety, including staff training sessions, parent presentations, information on our Twitter page and bulletin articles.

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