Outdoor Education: Year 4

Young Explorers

In Year 4 the focus changes to allow the pupils to experience outdoor activities at a more adventurous level. Each Year 4 class will spend one afternoon a week every three weeks sampling a variety of outdoor activities ranging from Bushcraft and Climbing to Sailing and First Aid. Each child will spend 10 sessions over the academic year taking part in the Young Explorers programme.

The programme is designed to give the children opportunity to experience an abundance of outdoor activities in a safe environment and strengthen their understanding and respect for the outdoors. Please click here to see the exciting session we have planned. 

‘It is widely recognized that the capacity to cope with adversity and even be strengthened by it – resilience – is an important factor in children and young people’s wellbeing. Evidence shows that these coping strategies are learnable and teachable … Schools have a range of activities to support this. These range from …  using mindfulness techniques, to others which build character and provide emotional fulfillment, for example the Duke of Edinburgh award … team work and physical activity.  
DfE ‘Counselling in schools: a blue print for the future.’ February 2016

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