Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

Modern Foreign Languages are an integral part of the curriculum. French is the main language taught to all children from Reception to Year 8 having at least one lesson a week. Within the curriculum, French is the study of the language, written and spoken, and the development of practical communication skills. It also encourages interest in and understanding of French speaking countries through study of and exposure to their society and culture.

French Advanced Programme
A fluent or native French speaker can participate in the French Advanced Programme which takes place during the school day. The Head of MFL assesses individual pupils before accepting them onto the programme.

Spanish became part of the curriculum in September 2018 for Year 7 and continues to Year 8. We hope in years to come that Spanish will be as successful and as much loved as French and that we will be able to offer it to more year groups.   

We are also offering Mandarin as an after school course. The exciting news is that interest in Mandarin is growing rapidly in UK primary and secondary schools. Dragons Teaching provides an engaging and experienced teacher for a minimum period of 1 hour per week. Students are taught in alignment with a modern and an approved curriculum.

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