Our Statement

We are dedicated to providing your children with a fresh, healthy and nutritious lunch through our excellent variety of dishes available every day. 

We do not knowingly use convenience or processed foods, undesirable additives or hydrogenated fats.

We can confirm that we do not use nuts or nut products in the production of our menus and we avoid artificial colourings and flavourings.

We implement a strict control on the use of salt and sugar as it is our responsibility to encourage the children to eat a balanced diet by creating attractive menus and keeping the children informed on how to eat healthily.

We completely recognise that a balanced diet stimulates the brain, improves concentration, helps the children to study and assists with their memory.

We ensure that the children receive a morning break that is in accordance within the Government guidelines encouraging the children to eat fresh fruit, savoury items, plain drinking water and organic semi skimmed milk.

We will source our food from responsible, certified companies that have been checked for their competence within their work place and we will purchase organic meat, fruit, vegetables and dairy where possible through our designated suppliers.

We understand that lunch is an important part of the day for growing children, and this is reflected in the all round care taken by the Thomas’s catering department to provide a healthy, balanced and nutritious daily meal. 

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