Extra Drama

Drama fun clubs are run throughout the year, in addition to the Trinity Drama Club in which children are prepared for the Trinity College London drama graded examinations.

We offer two drama fun clubs to Years 1 - 2, and Years 3 - 6 respectively. These take place either before or after school, during which the children have the opportunity to work on their drama skills through games, role-play and improvisation. 

Trinity Drama Club is offered to those children in Years 3 - 6, who have displayed a particular talent for Drama, or who may benefit particularly from the process of working towards a performance exam. The participants attend the club for a term, at the end of which they take a Trinity exam in either in Speech and Drama (for Year 3) or in Individual Acting (for Years 4 - 6). The exams consist of presenting a poem and story, or prepared monologue, mime and improvisation in front of an examiner. The children are able to progress through Grades Initial, 1, 2 & 3, the level of material increasing in complexity with each passing grade. The exams are challenging and the children are expected to undertake some preparation work on their own at home. Nonetheless, they always enjoy themselves and find the process extremely valuable. 

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