Ensembles and Orchestras


The school orchestra is open to all children who learn an orchestral instrument in Years 2 - 6. Pupils are invited to join once they have demonstrated the required degree of proficiency on their instrument - normally after at least a year of individual lessons. Entry is open to all pupils, regardless of whether they have their lessons in school or at home.  The school orchestra performs in all three of our termly music recitals and often takes part in additional workshops and concerts during the course of the year.

Guitar Ensemble

Entry to the Guitar Ensemble is by invitation, once pupils have demonstrated a reasonable degree of proficiency on their instrument. Rehearsals normally take place either before school or during the lunch break and performances regularly feature as part of our instrumental and whole-school music recitals.

Brass Group
Entry to Brass Group is by invitation.  Pupils are selected from our most able brass players.

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