Our Approach to Learning

Learning at Thomas's is outward looking, forward thinking and values based. Our pupils enjoy dynamic, rich and broad learning experiences.  

The Thomas's Fulham Learning Circles represent our curriculum.

The Circles encompass:

The mastery of fundamental subjects
Learning and innovation skills
The habits of mind that our pupils develop 
Our underpinning school values  

Teaching is fast paced, engaging and challenging and teacher subject knowledge is a strength. We put pupil wellbeing, alongside educational progress, at the heart of everything we do.  

We adopt an enquiry approach to many aspects of school life and to the mastery of subject content; this deepens learning and enables pupils to make real connections to the world around them by answering and asking 'big' questions. The pupils develop four Learning Habits so that they understanding how they learn and can become the most effective learner that they can be.

These Learning Habits are:

Questioning (represented by an Inquisitive Monkey)
Resilience (Adaptable Chameleon)
Linking (Strategic Spider)
Thinking (Reflective Owl)

Learning and innovation skills are essential to prepare our pupils for the rest of their education and adult life. We call these our 4Cs:

Collaboration - the ability to work effectively, respectfully and willingly with others 
Communication - convey ideas and opinions clearly and confidently and listening to others
Creativity - think creatively, work creatively and implement innovation
Critical thinking - effective reasoning, problem-solving and decision-making 

Digital resources provide opportunities for our pupils to evaluate and reflect on their learning through self reporting and collaboration. A range of apps and websites are used to deepen understanding and develop pupil competencies to help them navigate complex media and technology rich environments. We continue to adapt our curriculum to reflect rapid changes in technology and ensure that pupil use of online tools is purposeful and engaging. Our digital strategy ensures that all pupils have access to a mobile device to create, share and invent within their classroom environment. Years 3 - 6 are provided with one to one devices to enhance, rather than replace, traditional resources. 

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