Phonics, Reading and Spelling

We follow a systematic, synthetic phonics approach to teach the development of reading and also spelling skills.  The Letters and Sounds Programme is used and children work in a multi-sensory way. Phonics consists of knowledge of the skills of segmenting and blending phonemes, knowledge of the alphabetic code and an understanding of principles which underpin the code.  Our approach is fast-paced allowing excellent progress in the development of reading fluency and writing skills.  This approach continues throughout the Lower School and into Year 3.  The focus, once a child has mastered phonics, moves to establishing a firm knowledge of spelling patterns as well as grammar and punctuation to encourage fluent, accurate and willing writers.

Our pupils have a love of books and reading from their earliest days in school.  Reading mastery helps children to unlock learning in all areas of school life and beyond.  We have an exciting literacy and literature rich learning environment and optimise opportunities for home/ school partnership in a child’s reading development.  We are well-resourced and ICT opportunities are embraced.  Our Library is used by all our pupils from Early Years to Year 6 and we have a full-time Librarian; part of her role is to inspire reading and encourage a wide ‘diet’ of genre as the children get older and to arrange author presentations at school.

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