Inspiring Every Child

At the heart of our strategic plan lies our desire to consolidate the position of Thomas’s Clapham as a premier league prep school. In so doing our strategic plan endeavours to establish a culture of excellence at every level, supporting and enriching every child to be the best they can by developing a positive and inspiring approach to Learning, Leading, and Living. 

A Thomas’s Clapham education will invest and develop in every individual:
1.  A deep knowledge and understanding of the arts, sciences and humanities
2.  Inquiring minds and critical
thinking, and encourage individual, personal and creative responses
3.  Their moral, personal, social, physical and creative aptitudes in order to open their hearts and minds to endless possibilities

This will happen because of the collective commitment of the whole community to excellence in every area of school life, providing first-class learning and teaching, outstanding pastoral care,  a wide ranging programme of extra-curricular activities for all children, where the leadership is innovative and ambitious, and the facilities and resources the best we can provide. We believe that happy children flourish and this is most likely to happen in an environment “where every child matters” and which is committed to Inspiring every child. 

To view our five year strategic plan, Inspiring every child, click here.

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