Drama offers every child a creative outlet for expression. It is a practical, fun and energetic subject opening doors to children’s imaginations and allowing them a chance to use their own ideas, create stories and explore other characters and worlds through performance. 

 It is a practical subject that allows pupils opportunities to work as a team, problem solve and develop socially through the medium of play. Children develop the many of the core values such as confidence, humility, and leadership skills echoing the ethos of Thomas’s Clapham. 

At Thomas’s Clapham we believe that every child can gain a huge wealth of experience and can grow in confidence through weekly drama lessons and being involved in yearly productions. We make sure that Drama is active, dynamic and energetic.

Extra Drama is offered for Years 4 to 8 as a lunchtime or after school club.  

In Years 4 and 5, pupils who are very keen on drama can spend one lunchtime each week working on scenes and devising in small groups.  They will be introduced to a range of drama skills through games and improvisation exercises.  The group size is smaller than for weekly drama classes, allowing for more individualised attention.

Year 6 Extra Drama Club allows pupils to learn advanced drama techniques and character development while working in detail on scripted scenes.  This culminates in a performance evening for parents in the middle of the Lent Term.

Year 7 and 8 pupils who are particularly keen actors, can develop their characterisation and performance skills to a high level.  All Extra Drama participants at this level prepare for their Trinity Guildhall Speech & Drama Examinations in a variety of disciplines, including Acting in Pairs, Group Acting, Solo Shakespeare Performance and Individual Acting Skills.

Being in a full production of a play allows children to learn valuable lessons about community membership, collective responsibility and contributing to something greater than the sum of its parts.  At Thomas's Clapham, every child has the opportunity to perform in such a production every year.  Outstanding technical support and attention to detail by the direction team means that the children can be truly proud of the work they create.  The productions vary widely from year to year, allowing the chance for pupils to explore a range of characters and texts and to expand their literary, musical and performing knowledge as they develop.

Pupils' learning is supported through a varied programme of drama enrichment activities, theatre trips and visits from outside theatre workshop specialists.

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