Learning Support

Thomas’s Schools understand that some children have additional educational needs requiring specific and differentiated support. These needs may be due to a specific learning difficulty or a unique gift or talent. They may also stem from a pupil for whom English is not their first language.

We promote inclusion and acceptance where all pupils access and engage in a significant, relevant and challenging curriculum. Most importantly, Thomas’s Schools have an underlying belief in quality teaching practices and high expectations for all.

We believe that pupil support is based on collaborative practice. The relationship between pupils, parents, school staff and outside agencies is central to pupils becoming confident and enthusiastic life-long learners.

Our Learning Support, Enrichment and English as an Additional Language departments ensure support and intervention is consistent for all pupils with additional learning needs. If you have a concern relating to a special educational need, disability, gift or talent, please contact:

Anne Sheppee (asheppee@thomas-s.co.uk)
Head of Learning Support (Upper School)

Juliet Joynson (jjoynson@thomas-s.co.uk)
Head of Learning Support (Middle School)

Catherine Hare (chare@thomas-s.co.uk)
Head of Learning Support (Lower School)

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